Cultivating Economic Security from the 'Roots

One Love Global

Brittani Staley, B.S., LLMSW

My name is Brittani Staley and I am the One Love Global and MBK Michigan MSW Consultant for the MBK Scholars. I attended Central Michigan University (CMU) where I met my husband and earned a degree in Sociology with a minor in Communication Disorders. During my time at CMU I was blessed to have a son who is very active. After working in the field for about 6 months, I realized I wanted to pursue something else so went back to school at Michigan State University (MSU). Growing up in Detroit and Metro Detroit area, I saw so many families struggling and youth following negative paths that I decided to study Social Work specializing in Macro Practice to take on larger societal issues. During my final year of graduate school I requested to build a partnership between One Love Global (OLG) and MSU by being the first MSW student to be placed at OLG. I had so many opportunities to grow, develop skills, and network with those who are prominent leaders in the Lansing area that when I graduated in May 2016 I decided to stay involved with OLG and MY Lansing My Brother’s Keeper. A few weeks after graduation Angela called me and said that MSU issued a grant that would take what I thought was a great placement and opportunity to work with MBK and turn it into a statewide project.  Now there are over 4 colleges placing MSW students in MBK communities to do similar work to what I was doing as an intern and are the FIRST MBK Scholars Cohort. Because of my work with OLG and MBK that Angela would ask me to be the MBK Michigan Consultant to the MBK Scholar Cohort. I am extremely honored to be a part of this team and I cannot wait to see MSW students and MBK communities thrive.